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Pee while cooking
Mary needs to cook something. She starts by warming the water but soon she feels the need to urinate. She cannot leave the kitchen wile the water is boiling so she grabs a casserole and pee in it. After the water has boiled she goes to the bathroom and empties the full casserole in the toilet and then she goes back to the kitchen. No need to waste such a good casserole. She had a lot of pee in her and she feels good now although some of it dropped on the floor and she has to clean it now. PA176

Fat girl pee a lot trough her tights
This fat girl with huge tits have a big bladder. She went outdoors to run and try to loose some weight. But since it is hot she had a lot of beers. Since she is on a dirt road and she is not very close to a house or other men, she just let herself go and pee in her tights big volume of pee wetting her tights from top to bottom. PA233

Pissing trough her jeans outdoor
Sexy girl sites on a pile of construction materials and smokes trying to relax her bladder. Since she is next to a house in construction she can't risk and take off her clothes to pee so she let it go right there trough her tight blue jeans. PA218

Pee in a corn field and wet her skirt
We went for a road trip but the AC broke. She had a lot of lemon drinks to cool on this hot day and the unavoidable happened. She really has to pee so I pull over next to a corn field and watch her pee from the car. She was so desperate to pee that she didn't noticed she wet her skirt until she comes back to the car. PA199

Bathroom door is stuck so she pee trough her pants
She woke up with her bladder full. She goes to the bathroom to pee, but the bathroom door is stuck again. She tries to open it but it won't give. She sits down and pee on the floor trough her pants wetting the floor pretty bad. As it happens the door opens without a problem so she can go to the bath tub and take a shower. Then she has to clean the mess so she grabs a mop and clears it all. PA175

She doesn't have where to pee but on this excavator bucket
We had to pull over because she had so many liquids that she cannot held herself. She climbs on a excavator bucket and she opens her legs and pee trough her pants right there being very scared to be seen by cars and people passing by. Yet she still manages to relive herself on the excavator bucket in a tight pee jet. PA232

Pee with her legs wide opened outdoor
After a long trip outdoor, sexy young girl Beatrice asked me to stop so she can empty her full bladder. So she goes out of the car, pulls down her pants showing that she doesn't wear any panties and pee with her legs wide opened with several jets. PA216

Pee in front of a house in construction

Sexy girl went for a trip outdoor. Since it was a hot day she had a lot of cans of liquid and her bladder is ready to burst. She lights cigarette after cigarette to calm herself, but in the end she insists to stop the car. As soon as I stop she gets out and pulls her panties out, rise her mini skirt up and pee right there in front of a house in construction. PA198

Stripping naked and pissing outdoor
Marry took a trip to relax in a small forest. It is a hot summer day and she took a 2 liters water bottle with her. She soon empty the bottle and needs to pee right there. She undress naked and sits on the old leaves, opens her legs and piss right on the ground making a small puddle. Then she feels very well and walks away naked to dress some place far from the pee puddle, since her pee stinks today. PA174

Pee next to the wheel of the car
I took this chubby brunette, Ariadne, for a ride outdoors. We chatted a lot and she had a lot of tea until she couldn't held herself. Then I pulled over on the side of the road and she pee right there next to the wheel of my car making a nice big puddle of pee. PA231

Going for a run outdoors
Beatrice loves to exercise. I took her outdoors for a run. Driving time is pretty long and she had a lot of juice so when we arrive there as soon as she starts to exercise and run a little she feels her bladder so full that she must pee. She pee right in her running pants and then she exercise and run a little to dry them in the fresh air. PA217

Changing outdoor and desperate to pee
Mary is taking a trip trough a small forest to relax in a hot day. It is so hot that she has a lot of liquids. She feels her bladder bulging and stops from time to time to cross her legs and try to held her pee. PA173

Pissing trough her jeans while talking on the phone
She just received a call from her boyfriend. She sits down and takes the call, but since it is a long call, she can't hold her pee and pee right there on the ground trough her jeans. PA201

She is so excited about the meeting that she forgot to pee at home
Mary is meeting today with an important investor. She took her time to dress in a sexy office outfit, yet she forgot to pee at home. Although she could be late for her meeting she has to stop and pee. She sits down on the side of the road, opens her legs slightly and pee right there, trough her pantyhose so she doesn't loose time to undress. Then she goes to the car wishing she will not be late for the meeting and the investor won't be able to smell her pee wet pantyhose. PA172

Fitness outdoor makes her pee in her colants
I took this friend of mine for a road trip to a quiet place outdoors so she can practice her new fitness moves. Since the trip was pretty long and the day was pretty hot she had a lot of liquids so quench her thirst. As soon as she starts her exercises she feels her bladder ready to burst so she pee herself rather thank striping outdoor. She had a lot of pee in her and she stains her pants and the place round her. PA197

Outdoor pee standing in a small forest
She is so thirsty that she had to drink a lot of liquids. Then she found a small forest and pee right there trough her short shorts without taking them off or stripping there since anyone could see her from the road. PA171

Empty her bladder on the side of the road
Mary just can't hold herself. She goes to the side of the road and piss herself wetting her pants. Then she lets her pants down to inspect her pussy and pulls them back and goes to meed with her boyfriend with her wet leggings on. PA170

She had to strip and empty herself competently nude in a clearing
She walks down the path trough a small forest on a hot day, She had a lot of liquids and her bladder starts to hurt more and more. She just can't take it anymore and she strips completely nude, sits on the dirt and opens her legs and let her pee out in thick jets. Then she had to improvise and uses a leaf to clean her pussy, smelling it after that. PA169

Empty my bladder outdoor and relive my pressure
I just closed a big contract. I had so much emotion that my bladder feels like exploding. I went to relax a little bit into a nearby small forest. I cooled myself with a cold can of juicy liquid. I closed into some relaxing clothes and I pee right there on the trail trough the woods. Some of the pee wet my clothes so I walked up and down on the trail until the clothes were dry so I can get back to the car. PA168

Late for a meeting I had to pull over and..
I dressed very nice today. I have to go to a business meeting. I have to try to convince a rich business man to buy one of the houses the company built. I am so uptight that I couldn't pee at home. My boy friend is driving me to the meeting while I suddenly got the feeling of my bladder trying to burst. I asked him to pull over over and as I sit on the pavement I let myself go right there trough my pantyhose. Then I get back in the car and I only hope that my pantyhose will dry until I get to the important meeting I have today. PA167

Changing her wet clothes outdoor
Mary has to change her wet clothes. She just open the car door and strip naked next to the door and then she puts on dry clothes. PA166

Pee trough my short shorts
We stopped for a little relaxation on the side of the road. I open a can and sip from it while other cars are passing by. Soon I feel my bladder fool and I have to improvise so I go into a small forest, open my legs and let myself go. I feel the warm pee going down my legs and trough my short shorts. Then I go to the car again and you can see I am all relaxed now. PA165

Changing her pee stained clothes outside
As soon as her boyfriend arrived, Marry asked him to park his car next to the road so che can change her wet and pee stained pants. She opened a door and striped naked and put on some dry clothes. PE164

Waiting for her boyfriend with her bladder full
Mary waits for her boyfriend to arrive and take her for a trip. She is carrying her bags and forgot to pee before leaving home. She feels her bladder so full that it can explode. Her boyfriend is not coming, since he is stuck in traffic. She has to think fast so she goes near the road, and let her pee pour down trough her pants relieving her from her bladder pressure. She examines her pants and she decides she can go with the same pants, even though they are wet, and she goes to the road to wait for her boyfriend again. PA163

Pee next to an electric plant and knock on the door.
She has her bladder ready to explode. She drops her pants and piss a huge volume next to the door of an electric plant. She knocks on the door and runs from there before the workers can come out. PA158

Girl climbs on a small hill and pee with legs opened
She climbs on top of a small hill next to the road, opens her legs wide and pee right there. She then gets back on the road and walks in the distance.. PA160

I stop the car so she can pee
She has her bladder full again. She asks me to stop the car on the side of the road so she can pee and change her clothes. She opens both the doors on the side so she is not seen entirely by the passing cars and she pee right there on the side of the road, regardless a police car is passing by. Luckily they didn't stopped :) PA162

Changing her wet clothes outdoor
Simone has pissed a lot outdoor and some of her clothes got wet. She is changing right there regardless if the peasants on the orchard can see her naked. P156

Drinking beer and pee standing
Simone enjoys another beer and she spreads her legs and pee right there on the ground. She wears nothing but a bustier and she walks around naked on the street pissing on the ground. PA161

Pissing in an abandoned place
Simone is so full of pee that she quickly goes into an abandoned place and releases herself on the ground. She is in a place where hobos go to pee and poop and she is a little scared so she pee quick and look around a little scared. PA157

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