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Chubby girl with huge breasts pee her pants outdoor
This chubby girl with very big tits wanted to stop on the site of the road to take a leak. Unfortunately that road is very busy and cars pass by every minute. She opens her legs and pee right trough her pants hoping no one will spot her. Her pants get really wet and she leaves trying to hide her wet pants. PA240

Pissing her clothes when she went out for a jogging
This sexy redhead went outdoors to a jogging adventure. She runs a little and that makes her want to pee. She doesn't want to strip there, so she just pee in her pants and then run a little bit to dry her wet pants. Since they don't dry easy, she goes to the car to change right there. PA225

Chubby girl piss in her jeans outdoor
Chubby girl smokes and takes a lot of liquids to cool her thirst. She loves to be outdoor and she just pee in her pants and waits for the wind to dry her wet jeans. PA207

Hot coffee makes pee a lot
She enjoys a hot coffee but her bladder reacts and she has to pee. On the spot she just let it go in her short shorts and then in a plastic container. She smells her own pee but it seems it smells awful. PA182

Fat brunette has bladder so full she had to pee twice
This fat girl gets down from the car and squats pissing a lot. She wants to get back in the car but she feels she need to pee again, so she pee again next to the car, incredible huge volume. PA239

Petite brunette opens her legs and pee in a glass
A midget girl with big tits opens her legs and pee in a glass sitting on a bed in the bedroom. She smells her pee and is disgusted. PA253

Hipster girl pee next to the wheel of the car
This girl had so many liquids to quench her thirst that her bladder is very full. He has to improvise, so she takes of her pants and pee next to the wheel of the car. PA224

Pissing herself while talking with her boyfriend on the phone
This day is so hot that she had a lot of lemon juice. Then she has to sit down to take a call from er boyfriend. While she is speaking with him she feels the tickling sensation and she cannot help herself. She pee in her jeans while talking with him. PA206

Pee while cooking dinner
Sexy brunette started to cook the diner. She feels the need to pee, but she cannot leave the pot unsupervised. She then grabs a box and pee in the box while supervising dinner as well. Unfortunately some spills down on the floor and she has to clean with a mop before her husband arriving home. PA181

Fat girl pee next the wheel of the car

This fat girl got off the car with a t-shirt and no panties at all. She has so much liquids today that she really must pee. Just open her legs and let her pee flow on the ground. She pee standing and sprays it all around her. Then she washes her legs cleaning her pee stains. PA238

Midget pee in a glass in bedroom
Sexy midget with round tits is so desperate that she opens her legs and piss in a glass in the bedroom. PA252

Hipster girl changes wet clothes and pee outdoor
This hipster girl only brought two pair of pants for her outdoor excursion. She already peed in her short jeans and she only has another dry pants. She changes into them and she feels the urge to pee again. So she moves several feed and pee in front of a house in construction wetting the cement. PA223

Pee in a field of corn
She really needs to pee. She removed her panties and went to a corn field and feeling save there, she opens her legs wide and pee with a big jet wetting the corn plants. Then she rise her miniskirt so the wind will dry her wet pussy. PA205

Pee herself first thing in the morning
She just woke up and she clears her throat with some cool liquid. Then she immediately feels the urge to pee, so she goes to the bathroom, but surprise ! The bathroom door is stuck again. She had to think fast and she kneels and pee on the floor trough her pants. Then she takes a shower and washes the floor. PA180

Fat brunette pee outdoor
This fat girl went outdoor to relax. She undresses and prepares to piss on the ground when her boyfriend calls. She keeps pissing while she speaks with him and drinks a lot of water. PA237

Desperate midget girl undress several pantyhose layers to pee
She just had a pantyhose photo shooting. She put a lot of pantyhose layers on her, but they squeeze her bladder so hard that she cannot held herself. She must pee. She undress her pantyhose layers as fast as she can, but she cannot make it to the bathroom, so she takes a glass and pee in it right next to the bed. She smels her own pee, but it smells unappetizing.. PA251

Hipster girl smokes and pee in her short jeans shorts
She asked me to stop the car so she can relax and smoke a cigarette. She sits in the trunk of the car and smokes, then she changes into a very short pair of short jeans and since she cannot keep her pee, she let it flow trough the pants on her leg, in her sneakers and then on the ground. PA222

Wetting her panties outdoor
Sexy girl smokes and changes her clothes outdoor, in the car. Then she puts on a white skirt and empty her bladder in front of a house in construction. She had so much pee in her that she wet her panties completely. She then strips and waits there so the wind can dry her pussy and her wet panties. PA204

Pissing next to the bed in the bedroom
She wears her miniskirt costume without her panties. It is so hot that she had a lot of liquids to cool herself. Since her husband is not at home she can empty herself right there next to the bed. Then she wet her soles in the pee and goes to take a shower and clean. PA179

Fat girl pee with huge jet outdoor
This fat girl is so bloated that she seems full of pee. She stripped naked outdoor and pushes her belly so her pee explodes in several huge jets. PA236

Hipster girl pee in her jeans
This hipster redhead smokes and enjoys a lemonade outdoor. It is a windy day and she has traveled a lot in the car. She cannot empty herself outdoor since it is so cold and windy. She feels the urge to pee and her only option is to pee in her pants. But since she has light blue pants her pee is very visible. PA221

Pipi in her jeans while doing her fitness
She went outdoor to have a fitness session in fresh air. While she is doing her fitness exercises she feels her bladder ready to burst and pee in her stretch jeans wetting them really good. PA203

Pee trough my alien costume
I dressed into my alien costume to make a show on webcam for a friend of mine but soon I felt my bladder so full that I didn't had any time to go to the bathroom so I pee right there on the wooden floor. PA178

Pissing trough her leggings in a hot day
She wears plum leggings and enjoys outdoor in this hot and windy day. Soon all the liquids she had start to push in her bladder and she needs to empty it. So she just let it flow trough her tight leggings on the ground. Soon the wind will dry all traces of her pee. She also cool herself spilling beer all over her tits and clothes. PA235

Changing her wet shorts into dry pants
She went to the car to change her short shorts jeans into something more comfortable. Unfortunately she has only her pajamas dry. She put the pajamas pants on her but she feels the need to pee again so she actually wets her last pair of dry pants. PA220

Pissing on a dirt road in the middle of no-were
Chubby brunette cannot hold herself and she went out of the car on a dirt road in the middle of no-where. She reveals that she has no panties under her jeans skirt so it's easy for her to rise her skirt a little and empty herself standing on her feet. Then she bends over and waits for the wind to dry her wet pussy. PA202

Coffee makes her pee huge volume
She is just relaxing on a couch and enjoying her coffee. Soon she feels her tummy aching and her bladder ready to burst. She rises on her feet, opens them and pee in a empty food wrapping  casserole. Then she goes to the bathroom, pours it in the WC and washes it so she can pee in the casserole again next time. PA177

Chubby desperate girl wet her pants again
This chubby brunette just pissed in her pants. She wanted to go to the car and change her clothes when she feels the urge to empty herself again. She goes in front of an abandoned house and she pee on the ground there, wetting her tights again.  Only after that she feels so happy that she jumps around with joy. PA234

Smoking with her bladder full
She is desperate to pee but her pee hole doesn't want to relax. So she smokes sitting in the trunk of my car, trying to relax enough so she can pee. It's a cold day and she is dressed only with very short jeans shorts. PA219

Changing her wet clothes outdoor and preparing for another pee standing
Chubby girl changes her wet clothes next to the car and since it is so hot, she takes her bottle with her to cool. She keeps sipping from it and feeling how her bladder slowly gets fuller and fuller. Soon she will have to pee again so she smokes watching around to make sure no one will see her while she will pee. PA200

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