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Fat girl pee standing next to a big car wheel
She has only her top covering her gigantic boobs. She opens her legs and spread her pussy lips wide open letting her pee flow and spring out of her urethra wetting the ground and making a nice big puddle which she stomps with her soles. PC250

Fat brunette pe in her plum tights outdoor and make a big puddle of pee in the dust
She loves to wear tights and feel the wind in her long hair. While she is outdoor and enjoys a lemon juice she feels the urge to pee. She just let it flow in her tights and the golden pee drips down on the dust making a big puddle of pee. PA249

Fat brunette pee standing and talking on the phone with her boyfriend
She is almost naked outdoor. She opens her legs to pee standing, but right then her phone rings and she answers while peeing on the dust. She splatter all over and keep talking. Then she play with the pee-mud with her soles. She keeps pissing several times and waits to dry her pussy naked outdoor. PA248

BBW in tights pee on the concrete
Fat girl with huge boobs and long legs in tights squats and pee on the concrete next to a house in construction. She then walk with her pants down and with her pussy exposed so it can dry before puting her pants back on. PA247

Fat brunette with sunglasses pee in her tights on a dirt road
She went outdoor for a photo shooting for her instagram, but posing and having several lemonade juice made her bladder burst and she pee right there in her pink tights standing over the puddle of pee she made. PA246

Fat brunette with huge tits pee on the ground leaning on the car
She is so desperate to pee that she leans on the car, with her bear feet in the dust spread her legs and let her pee jets burst out of her and make a big puddle on the ground. She then plays with her toes in the wet dust, her pee is very fast sucked into the dust. PA245

BBW brunette with huge jugs pee on the ground standing on an empty plastic bag
She had her bladder so full that she had to pee. She had the bright idea to pee standing and she put a plastic bag to sit on it so she will not get dust on her feet. But peeing from that height in the dust make it splatter all over her feet and get pee-mud on her legs. PA244

Fat brunette with big jugs pee her tights outdoor
This fat brunette had a lot of liquids. She was searching for a house to buy in the newly developed suburbia. She feels the need to pee and she cannot hold it so she just let it flow on her tights and play with it. Then she kneels and pee some more making a puddle on the dirt. PA243

BBW brunette wet her tights outdoor
Big tit brunette with huge juggs wet her tights and pee all over ourdoor. PA242

Fat girl with big bladder empties it in her tights

Fat girl had a lot of juice to quench her thirst on a road trip. She has a big bladder (being a big girl) but it gets full and she needs to empty it peeing outdoor. PA241

Intense fitness outdoor makes her pee her pants
Skinny redhead influencer went for outdoor fitness run and exercise. She has some intense exercise then she feels the need to pee and... PA230

Pee next to the wheel of the car
Hipster girl with full bladder empty herself next to the wheel of a car. She went for a relaxing time outdoor and having so many juice cans made her want to pee really bad. PA229

Desperate hipster girl trying hard to pee
A slender redhead hipster girl has her urethra locked. She tries hard to pee outdoor, but she manages only to squeeze one or two drops. PA228

Wetting her short short jeans outdoor
It is a cloudy day and she smokes in the booth of the car. She dressed in a short short jeans and a training with a hoodie. Her bladder is very small and she cannot hold it very long so.. after she looks around for any people.. she just let it flow in her short jeans, making them wet. PA227

Chubby girl pee with standing with her legs opened
Sexy chubby girl wears only a miniskirt and no panties. Since she has her bladder full and she is outdoors, it very easy to open her legs standing, and let her pee squirt down wetting the dust on the road. PA215

Changing wet clothes outdoor
She just wet her jeans. She relaxes a little smoking and having a beer. Then she looks around and since it seems there is no passers by, she take the opportunity to change her wet pants with a jeans mini skirt. PA214

Wet her jeans in the heat outdoor
This day is incredible hot. She has to keep having more and more water to quench her thirst. But all that water.. has to get out. She wanted to pee, but her boyfriend calls and she has one hand on the phone. Unable to take her pants out, she just pee in her jeans, and they she waits hoping her jeans will dry on her. PA213

Crossing her legs to calm her full bladder
She had a lot of liquids since it was a hot day. Now she sits on the brim of a well and she smokes a cigarette crossing her legs in order to calm her full bladder and to stop herself from peeing. PA212

Pee in a corn field
Chubby girl really needs to empty her bladder so she went into a corn field and pee with a big jet. PA211

Wet her panties outdoor and smoke until they dry
I was outdoor relaxing in this hot sun and prospecting a house under construction. Since I had to wait for the agent to arrive I lighted a cigarette and enjoyed the sun, until I felt my bladder ready to explode. I just lifted my mini skirt and pee standing up. I got my panties wet so I just stayed there with my legs opened until my panties dried, smoking and waiting for the real estate agent. PA210

Morning fitness outdoors makes me empty my bladder fast
I just arrived at a secluded place and I change in the car putting on my new jeans tights. But.. I made a mistake. I forgot to pee when I left home so.. jumping up and down for my exercises makes me want to pee, but.. I just sit on the cement block and pee right there hoping no one passing by would see me.  But since I wet myself so well I have to change. My luck I have a spare pair of panties. PA209

Slipping and falling in my own pee
I was cleaning the floor and squatting down put a lot of pressure on my bladder. I cannot hold myself and pee in my tights wetting them good. Then I have to clean the pee, but the floor is so slipper than I slip and fall in my own pee wetting my clothes even more. I clean fast and I take a shower before my husband comes home. PA196

I could not help pissing on the coffee table
I was feeling my bladder like an inflated balloon and I had to empty myself. I just squeezed my belly and let the golden liquid flow trough my short shorts on the coffee table and then on the parquet. I had a lot in me. While I was contemplating the nice puddle of pee I remembered that my husband is to arrive home so I cleaned quickly and I washed myself taking a shower. PA195

Empty my bladder in my jeans while cooking diner
I just started to heat the water to cook diner for my husband when the water sounding on the stove made me want to pee. I lighted a cigarette to calm my sensible bladder but with no use. Since I was alone at home and I couldn't leave the stove unattended I had to let it go and I pee in my jeans feeling the warm tickling sensation down my legs. PA194

Morning pipi on a chair
Mary just woke up and she had to clear her throat with a delicious liquid. As she takes more and more in, she feels the need to empty her bladder, so she just opens her legs a little and pee trough her white panties, letting her pee fall on the floor. PA193

Pee accident while cleaning the house
I was cleaning the room and I had to kneel to clean an older pee stain. Kneeling and bending over put a lot of pressure on my bladder so my pee burst in jets making my tights really wet. Then I clean it all up and took a shower so my husband will never know my pee adventure. PA192

Wet her shorts on a coffee table
She feels her bladder full. She sits on a coffee table to try to hold her pee but it is not possible for her. Her pee jets are too strong and she wet her short shorts and the living room floor. Then she must clean it fast and take a shower before her husband comes home. PA191

Smoking and wetting my jeans in the kitchen
I took some time off before cooking dinner. I light a cigarette and relaxed until I felt my bladder relaxing and I wet my jeans with a huge pee, making a little puddle on the kitchen floor. Then I cleaned it all and showered to make sure I don't smell when my husband comes home. PA190

Wet my panties on a chair
In the morning I get something to cool my thirst and watch trough the window. Soon I feel the urge to pee and I just open my legs and pee trough my panties making a puddle of pee on the floor. After a wile I get up and clean it all with a mop and then I go to the batroom to clean myself. PA189

Pee in my tights while cleaning the house
I started cleaning the house and while I wash the floor and squat I feel my bladder ready to burst out so I just let it go in my tights making them all wet. Also the floor gets wet and slippery so I slip and fall with my ass right in the puddle of pee. Then I have to go to the bathroom and shower with my wet clothes on me. PA188

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