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Girl play in the car (20 November 2017)

After a long trip in the car we found a quite place and Simone had some liquid, smoked some cigarettes and played with herself a little bitt. PA102

Open legs pee on a pile of rocks (20 November 2017)

Simone is so full of beer. She had several beverages since it was a very hot day. She get's on a pile of rocks , open her legs, pull her panties apart and pee jet after jet for a long time. She stops only to have some more liquid, and then she pee again. PA101

Smoking, drinking and playing with pussy in the car (30 September 2016)

Simone relaxes smoking a cigarette, she drinks beer and play with her tits in the car. PA100

Marking her territory (28 September 2016)
Simone spotted some ruined buildings from the car and being an adventurous girl, she asked me to go there and investigate it. While going trough each floor of the ruined block, she feels the need to empty her bladder and she does it right there on the floor. She has been holding it for a long time, and she pees jet after jet, making a big puddle of pee. PA99

Outdoor desperation (27 September 2016)
Simone eats and drinks beer standing next to a busy road. She feels her bladder getting full, and she crosses her legs to held her pee. She is very naughty and she pours beer on her pussy. PA98

Pissing several times next to a busy road. (24 September 2016)
We pulled over on a busy road, so Simone can relieve herself. She puts a leg on the front of the car and she rises her dress and piss in front of the wheel several times. She can't stop drinking from time to time. She enjoys beer so much, but this is making her pee a lot. We must pull over several times each time we take the car for a ride. PA97

Having some beers outdoors, playing with pussy and desperate to pee. (21 September 2016)
Simone is outside, she relaxes in the sun, she drinks a lot of beers and she pours beers over her wet pussy. She is so desperate to pee, but her bladder is full and blocked. Have you ever had that feeling when you are so full of pee, yet you cannot pee right then ? PA96

Smoking, drinking and desperate to pee (17 September 2016)
Simone is smoking and relaxing outdoor, dressed in a pink dress. She drinks a lot of beers and she relaxes. But her belly is full of beer and she is desperate to pee, which she cannot because there are a lot of cars passing by. PA95

Drinking a lot of beers and smoking outdoor (15 September 2016)
Simone loves to relax outdoors. She loves to talk, to smoke, and to drink cold beers on a hot summer day. And she drinks and drinks beer after beer making her bladder visibly bulge. PA94

Pissing on a fallen power pole and wipe pussy with some grass. (14 September 2016)
Simone goes to a fallen power pole, she sits on it, pulls her panties apart and she pees right there on the pole. Cars are passing by on the road, but she takes her chances. PA93

Pissing on a public bench next to traffic on the road (20 November 2017)

Simone has had a lot of liquid, and she is desperate to empty her bladder. She sits down on a public bench, next to a busy road, and she finds a way to pee right there on the bench. PA92

Coffee makes her want to pee a lot. (11 September 2016)
We stopped at a gas station, and we had a quick coffee. As she is drinking it, she starts noticing that coffee makes her want to pee a lot and she crosses her legs to hold her pee as much as she can, since she is on the street and there is no toilet in sight. PA91

Smoking and drinking in the car (08 September 2016)
We took a trip to the forest and Simone drinks a couple of beers and smokes a lot. She is happy, and she loves to drink so many beers since is a warm day. PA90

Playing with pussy and ass (07 September 2016)

Simone just woke up and she wants to start the day in a fun way. She play with her pussy, and from time to time with her ass. PA89

Simone chat with her husband by phone and she piss in the kitchen sink. (05 September 2016)
Her husband called Simone, and she has to talk with him. But at the same time she feels the urge to pee, so she has to improvise and she pee right in the kitchen sink. She then washes her pussy with a lot of water. PA88

Smoking and drinking a beer first thing in the morning (03 September 2016)

Simone just woke up, she is smoking and drinks a cold beer first thing in the morning. Thus makes her want to pee very bad. PA87

Relaxing, eating pizza and drinking a lot of juice. (31 August 2016)
Simone is so hungry after a long day, we pull overt and order a pizza and some juice. She is talking about her first pissing experience in her native language, and she eats the pizza and drink a lot of juice. PA86

Pee on the windshield (view from inside the car) (30 August 2016)
Simone is drinking so many beers, she is all nude in the nature, the weather is so hot. that beers goes one after the other. Thus she feels her belly growing, and she decides to pee. She climbs on the car and spread her legs wide open and piss her entire bladder right on the windshield. She goes down, and she feels she needs to pee a little bit more, and she does so. PA85

Pissing on the windshield (29 August 2016)
Simone is nude outdoors, she is desperate to pee, and she notices the windshield of the car is dirty. She climbs on and piss all over the windshield. PA84

Desperate to pee, strips herself naked (20 November 2017)

Simone is so desperate to pee, she had so much liquid, and she is taking all her clothes off and shows her full belly. Pee is going to come out any minute. PA83

Pissing on the bench in a buss station. (26 August 2016)
Simone loves to have pee adventures. She asked me to pull over next to a buss station. I didn't know what she had in mind but I quickly found out. She wanted to pee right there on the bench. Since a lot o people was looking from the other side of the road, the only way she could pee was trough her jeans. She wet her jeans in the process but she was so happy afterwards, so relaxed. PA82

Drinking, smoking, and flashing tits in the car (25 August 2016)

We pulled over in the shadow, and Simone is drinking beer after beer, smoking cigarette after cigarette and she shows and plays with her tits. It's a very hot day, and she drinks a lot of beers, thus her bladder is getting full and she is desperate to pee. PA81

She is visiting a monastery, desperate to pee (24 August 2016)
Simone is visiting a monastery, but there is no W.C. there. She is so desperate to pee, but there are monks all over the place. She crosses her legs and tries really hard to keep herself from peeing. But her bladder is so full that this is very very hard for her. She walks crossing her legs and searching for a possibility to pee right there, but she is desperate not to bee seen by the monks. PA80

Pissing at somebody's door, then knocking and runing (22 August 2016)
Simone loves to be creative. In this clip, she goes to the door of somebody, she pees a lot, and then she knocks on the door and she runs. She left a pleasant surprise for the owner of the house ! PA79

Changing in the car and drinking a lot of beers (20 August 2016)
Simone just peed herself and now is changing in the car. It is a very warm day and she is so dehydrated that she has to drink a lot. We only had beers and she drinks beer after beer. PA78

Showing her ass outdoor (19 August 2016)
Simone changed into dry clothes and she is going to the car. She is very naughty girl, and she shows her ass right there regardless if people might see her. PA77

Pissing in her pants (20 November 2017)

Simone has had a lot of liquids, and now she has to pee, but since some people are passing by, she piss herself right there wishing they will not see her wet pants. PA76

Drinking a lot outdoors and smoking (17 August 2016)

Simone is drinking a lot outdoors.It's a hot day. She starts to be intoxicated, she smokes a lot and pours beer on her tits. She shows her tits to every body. She is desperate to pee, her bladder is full, yet she cannot pee now. PA75

Showing tits outdoors and having a lot of beverages. (20 November 2017)

Simone is happy to relax outdoors in this beautiful sunny day. She get's of the car and she goes to a rock next to a lake. She there shows her tits and she drinks a lot of beers starting to show signs that she might be excited a little bit. PA74

Pee standing next to the car (14 August 2016)
Simone is changing her clothes outdoor, next to the car. She suddenly feel the need to pee, so she pee right there standing next to the car, she opens her legs and rise her skirt, and shoot her piss jet. PA73

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