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Open legs pee , girl with sexy tits in torn nylons (07 December 2016)

Lara has had some fun with her boyfriend fucking with him and drinking a lot from a lot of different bottles. She now feels the urge to pee, so she goes to the toilet, get's in the bath tub, and opens her legs wide and pee trough the hole in her pantyhose and wipe her pussy with a napking. PA132.

Sexy girl with big tits pee in a beer glass and shows it. (07 December 2016)
She is tired and her bladder is full of pee. She walks sensually to a leather armchair. She sits down and starts to pee in the huge beer glass attempting to fill it. But the beer glass is so big that her half a liter of pee merely fill the bottom of the glass. PA131

Girl desperate to pee in the car (05 December 2016)

Sexy girl travels with his boyfriend to the railway station. She forgot to pee before she left and since the trip is pretty long she feels the excruciating pain to relieve herself but she has no alternative. She has to restrain herself from peeing right there in the car. She is desperate and she curses the red lights and slow drivers on the road. PA130

Pissing outdoors and wiping her pussy with grass (23 November 2016)

Simone is outdoors, on a field, she just leaves her pants down, gets down and opens her legs wide, and she piss right there next to a power pole. She is very kinky, and desperate to pee. After she empty her bladder she then wipes her pussy with a bunch of grass PA129

Pissing next to the car and rubbing her pussy inside. (20 November 2017)

She had a lot of beverages so she stumbles next to the car and pee for a long time, emptying her bladder, than she climbs back in the car and play with her pussy. Masturbation feels great after a fresh pee. PA128

Pissing in the grass and playing with her pussy in the car (16 November 2016)
Simone gets down from the car, piss in the grass in a very cold wind, and then she gets in the car quickly for a pussy rubbing time. PA127

Street prostitute (15 November 2016)
Simone looks like a cheap street prostitute, she walks the streets and shows her pussy and tits, while smoking and drinking and also negotiating with a customer for 5 euro blowjob. PA126

Eating a sandwich, having a beer, and peeing standing next to a car. (13 November 2016)

Simone is relaxing outdoors, she eats a sandwich, she drinks a beer and piss next to a car standing. She just open her legs, and release her pee right there standing. PA125

Playing with her wet pussy, naked, in a car on the street (11 November 2016)
Simone just peed, and she is playing with her wet cunt, while smoking and drinking beer. She doesn't care she is in a car on a public road. She is so caught in her play with her pussy. PA124

Pissing on the windshield of my car and cleaning it with a napkin (20 November 2017)

Simone had a lot of beers today. She really must empty her bladder. She climbs on top of my car, and standing spreads her legs and pee right on the windshield of my car. She then kneels and wipe and clean it all with a napkin. PA123

Pee on a dirt road, standing (07 November 2016)
Simone is in the middle of a dirt road, she feels the need to empty her bladder right there, so she opens her legs a little bit and she pee right there standing. PA122

Pissing on my car, again. (06 November 2016)
Smoking outside, she drinks a lot of beers. She then feels the need to pee and she open her legs wide and pee right there on my car. She loves to pee all over my car. PA121

Change wet clothes in the car, regardless of passing by cars. (04 November 2016)
Simone is changing her wet pissed clothes with new ones, in the car and on a busy road, regardless of passing by cars. Some trucker watches curious from his truck at her nudity. PA120

Chubby girl pee on a pile of rocks in the middle of nowhere. (20 November 2017)

Simone has had so many liquids that is feels her head heavy and fer bladder ready to burst. She sits down on a pile of rocks right there rises her dress and empty herself with a lot of jets. PA119

Topless in the car, playing around, smoking and having fun. (31 October 2016)
We took a ride in the car, Simone is topless , she smokes and plays around with some bottles. She is very dirty girl. PA118

Pee standing trough her pantyhose (20 November 2017)

Simone has had a lot of liquids today. She stands in the middle of the dirt road and she releases her bladder right there, she pee trough her pantyhose. She then changes in a dress in the car, and wipes her wet and muddy feet with a napkin PA117

Smoking on top of my car with her pussy wet in her pantyhose (28 October 2016)
Simone is not wearing any panties. She smokes and relaxes on top of my car parked next to the road. She drinks beer, smokes and shows her wet pussy in wet pantyhose. PA116

Wetting her pantyhose (27 October 2016)
Simone relaxes on a field of grass. She spreads her legs and empty her bladder right there trough her pantyhose, regardless of the people in he background. She looks at the pee jet and feels so relaxed as she empties her full bladder. PA115

Pissing on an abandoned car (26 October 2016)
Simone feels the urge to release her bladder, and she climbs on an abandoned car, and opens her legs (she doesn't wear panties) and piss right there wetting the dusty car. PA114

Pissing on my car and cleaning it with her panties. (24 October 2016)
Simone is out on a sunny day. We pulled on a secondary road, and she drinks beer, she climbs on my car and she pee right there on it. After that she takes out her panties and clean my car with them. PA113

Drinking , smoking and sucking dildo in a car. (22 October 2016)
Simone changes her clothes in the car, she lights a cigarette, drinks several beers, and blows a transparent dildo right there in the car parked on a street. PA112

Pissing right there next to the car (20 October 2016)
Simone smokes and drinks a lot of beers in the car. She wants to change her clothes, but she feels the urge to pee. She sits down on the chair opens her legs and pee outside the car. She smokes and drink a lot of beer. PA111

Pissing at the public fountain and wiping pussy with a leaf (18 October 2016)
Simone found a public fountain, next to a busy road. She conspicuous sit on the fountain and pee right there. She washes her pussy with water from the fountain and wipe it with a leaf. PA110

Drink alcohol on the street and pee on public bench. (17 October 2016)
Simone is a naughty girl who loves to mark her territory. She loves to pee on public objects. Se is sitting on a public bench and she drinks alcohol on the street. She then feels the pressure so she just pulls her panties on the left and pee on the bench with several jets in the full view of the passing by cars. PA109

Drinking beer in the car and relaxing (15 October 2016)
Simone loves to drink beer to smoke and relax while I drive to the forest next to our city. We stop to take a coffee at a gas station and she feels the need to pee , she crosses her legs to hold herself. PA108

Pissing on my car (13 October 2016)
Simone is a very naughty girl. She loves to pee in the most original places. She climbs on my car and sits on a towel, open her legs and shoot several pee jets right at me. PA107 

Drinking and playing with her pussy in the car (12 October 2016)
Regardless that she is in a car on a public place, Simone is drinking a lot of beers, she open her legs wide, shows her thick labia pussy, play with her pussy and wash her with some beer. She ties very hard to pee, but the pee just won't come. She loves to pee in the car, but she doesn't succeed any time. PA106

Peeing in the middle of a forest road (10 October 2016)
Simone is so desperate to pee that she sits down in the middle of a forest road and jet after jet she empty her bladder right there. She hears a lot of strange noises and she looks around scared not to be caught by somebody, or worse, by a bear or a wild animal in the forest. She wipes her pussy with a leaf and leaves scared. PA105

Forest pee in very many jets, between tween tree trunks (08 October 2016)

Simone goes to the forest, she drinks beer and smoke when she is struck by the need to release herself. She sits down on a split in tween tree trunks, and pee with multiple jets for a long time while she touch her pussy and when she is done, she wipe her pussy with a leaf found on the spot, since she forgot her Kleenex in the car. PA104

Upskirt peeing next to a road block (07 October 2016)
Simone has gone to the end of the road., There is no way possible ahead. She is desperate to pee, to empty her full bladder. She MUST pee right there, no matter that she is next to a busy road. She pulls her panties apart and pee right there. PA103

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