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Drinking, smoking, and flashing tits in the car (25 August 2016)

We pulled over in the shadow, and Simone is drinking beer after beer, smoking cigarette after cigarette and she shows and plays with her tits. It's a very hot day, and she drinks a lot of beers, thus her bladder is getting full and she is desperate to pee. PA81

She is visiting a monastery, desperate to pee (24 August 2016)
Simone is visiting a monastery, but there is no W.C. there. She is so desperate to pee, but there are monks all over the place. She crosses her legs and tries really hard to keep herself from peeing. But her bladder is so full that this is very very hard for her. She walks crossing her legs and searching for a possibility to pee right there, but she is desperate not to bee seen by the monks. PA80

Pissing at somebody's door, then knocking and runing (22 August 2016)
Simone loves to be creative. In this clip, she goes to the door of somebody, she pees a lot, and then she knocks on the door and she runs. She left a pleasant surprise for the owner of the house ! PA79

Changing in the car and drinking a lot of beers (20 August 2016)
Simone just peed herself and now is changing in the car. It is a very warm day and she is so dehydrated that she has to drink a lot. We only had beers and she drinks beer after beer. PA78

Showing her ass outdoor (19 August 2016)
Simone changed into dry clothes and she is going to the car. She is very naughty girl, and she shows her ass right there regardless if people might see her. PA77

Pissing in her pants (18 August 2016)
Simone has drunk a lot of beers, and now she has to pee, but since some people are passing by, she piss herself right there wishing they will not see her wet pants. PA76

Drinking a lot outdoors and smoking (17 August 2016)

Simone is drinking a lot outdoors.It's a hot day. She starts to be intoxicated, she smokes a lot and pours beer on her tits. She shows her tits to every body. She is desperate to pee, her bladder is full, yet she cannot pee now. PA75

Showing tits outdoors and drinking a lot of beers. (15 August 2016)
Simone is happy to relax outdoors in this beautiful sunny day. She get's of the car and she goes to a rock next to a lake. She there shows her tits and she drinks a lot of beers starting to show signs that she might be drunk a little bit. PA74

Pee standing next to the car (14 August 2016)
Simone is changing her clothes outdoor, next to the car. She suddenly feel the need to pee, so she pee right there standing next to the car, she opens her legs and rise her skirt, and shoot her piss jet. PA73

Desperate to pee in a car, drinking, smoking, flashing tits and pussy with people and cars around. (13 August 2016)
In a warm sunny day, we took a trip to the forest, and we took a cooler full of beers. Simone drinks one beer after the other, and she is getting hot; she smokes and relaxes in the car, her bladder is getting full of pee, but she drinks some more and strips in the car, even if people and cars are going close to our car. One person even comes to as us something, but Simone doesn't really care. She shows her tits and her pussy wile smoking and heavy drinking beers. PA72

Pissing on a pile of rocks next to a car in a parking lot (12 August 2016)

Simone had a lot of beers and her bladder is full. She is desperate to pee, and we drove into an empty parking lot, next to a busy road. She sat on a pile of rocks there and she rises her dress and piss right there with her legs wide opened.  At the end she wipes her pussy with a plant she found on a spot. PA71

Panties apart and pee standing into shoes (11 August 2016)

Simone is next to a very busy and public street. She drink a lot of beer, and she feels the need to pee, so standing, she slowly opens her legs, pulls her panties apart and pee right there. She splatters her pee all over her legs and on her shoes. She kneels and wipes her shoes with a napkin and is ready to go to another place and mark it with the golden juice. PA70

Smoking and pouring a lot of beers in her (10 August 2016)

In one sunny day, Simone went out for some quality time and some public pee action. She smokes and drinks beer after beer. I wonder how many beers she can have until exploding into pee? Her bladder is so bulging, she has to sit down. But her mind is to explore her limits and free herself. If will be a man around will be more interesting. PA69

Eating, drinking a lot , smoking and peeing two times (09 August 2016)

Simone enjoys a quick relaxing time in a parking lot. She has no problem in peeing and being so natural while she is doing this not caring to much if someone is staring at her bald pink pussy. She eats a sandwich, smokes some cigarettes,  drinks a couple of cold beers and pee two times. PA68

Drinking to much and so desperate to pee (07 August 2016)

I just met Simone and I am taking her to a trip to the forest to relax and have a good time. It is extremely warm and she enjoys a lot of cold beers that makes her bladder bulge and makes her want to pee really bad. She is desperate to pee, but we cannot stop on the street and there is no toilet in view.. She has to endure no matter how desperate and annoying this situation is. PA67

Open legs and pee you slut! (10 March 2016)

Kitty is sitting in public, on her yellow towel and relaxes with her legs wide open. And surprise, this redhead will not make you wait to long and her pee will face you into big jets. Such a great slut for your pee fantasy. PA66

Peeing trough pantyhose (08 March 2016)
Kitty loves to pee trough her favorite pantyhose layer, but going out in high heels makes her heels stuck in the mud. She goes next to a power pole, and she pees all over the concrete base. Than she goes to the car and wipes her pussy and shoes with wet tissues. PA65

Wetting her colants outdoor (07 March 2016)
Kitty has gone outdoor, to spend some time in the sun, on the green grass, to relax. After some time, she feels her bladder full and she has to pee, but she decides to wet her colants, and wipe her pussy with wet tissues . PA64

Huge tits Kitty wet her grey pants. (05 March 2016)

Kitty loves to drink a lot of beer, to relax outdoors, she loves to wear stretching pants, and wet them really good. She changes in the car, then she steps outside and wet her pants really well. PA63

Pissing trough pantyhose (04 March 2016)

Kitty loves a trip to the open field, she loves the field full of green grass, the beautiful day. This makes her want to pee, and she does it on a fallen telegraph post. She wets it good and it looks pretty sexy trough her pink pantyhose. PA62

Long road trip , Kitty is desperate to pee (03 March 2016)

I am taking Kitty on a road trip outside the town, and since the trip is long and Kitty loves to drink a lot of beer, she starts to feel her bladder full, and she is desperate to pee. She talks a lot and she laughs a lot, show her tits, and sensual eat a banana. PA61

Big Titted Redhead wet her leggings (06 February 2016)

Kitty is a sexy redhead, with big tits and beautiful eyes. and she loves to drink a lot of beer. Drinking so much will make her pussy blow out  and wet her leggings. She doesnt care to much if will get all wet and smell like pee. Is so happy she pee into her leggings on the balcony - PA60

Desperate to pee (01 September 2015)

This beauty is really desperate to pee. She sits down on a rock, putting out those jeans and playing with that juicy pussy. She is so stubborn to try to hold her pee as much as she can even if this will give her a headache . PPA8

Drinking and relaxing (01 September 2015)

Sometimes, a sexy girl drinking a lot of beer can be a true fun to watch. Cristina is drinking a lot of beer and relaxes next to an old tree, in a public place, near a very renowned lake,  just until she feels the urge to pee - PPA7

Crushing with pain (01 September 2015)

Cristina is crushing with pain, to much beer simply made her tummy to full to be able to keep peeing to long. She is choosing another place for this new attempt of pee, unfortunately she is unable to pee, next to a power line - PA59

Trying to pee doggy style (01 September 2015)

Cristina is feeling her bladder bulging, she simply cant wait it for long; is really a must to pee, and she tries to pee doggy style and plays with her small tits, yet she fails again - PA58

Trying to pee on a rock (01 September 2015)

Cristina is standing on a rock, she tries to relax and drink as plenty beers as she can and, hopefully, pee into her jeans. She is so desperate, want so bad to pull all the beer out but her bladder is blocked, she fails. - PA57

Changing her clothes (01 September 2015)

Cristina is changing her black jeans next to a tree, changing her jeans will make her pee. At last that is Cristina thinking since she is so desperate to pee and not thinking that could anyone see her while she is changing. - PA56

Striping and trying to pee (01 September 2015)

Behind a tree, Cristina strips her tight jeans and try plenty of positions that will make her pee; she massage her tummy, rub her pussy,  sit on her legs like she is now ready to jet the pee in front of the camera. She tries really hard to pee, but in vain - PA55

Desperate to pee on a rock near a lake (01 September 2015)

Drinking a lot of beer, relaxing on a rock near a lake, hearing the quieting  sounds from the water, makes Cristina want to pee right there. The pressure in her tummy is so big, she feels her pussy ready to blow a golden warm liquid,  but she just cannot pee in front of the cameraman. - PA54

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